Just Mad 2021

Exploring different uses for the Geomag´s Magicube we built a demo trial with a piece of art adding value to the object itself by linking toys and art. So we generated a 6 artists' works in 1 piece of art revealing the Magicubes as the perfect support for art work and creative pieces. The six selected artists were: Paco Díaz (Photography and digital art), Antonio Guerra (Photography and site specific sculpture), Marina Bobo (Documental photography – Analogic technique), Patricia Sotomayor (Portrait Photography and body painting), Ana Fuentes (Children Photography) and Sergio Sotomayor (3D art).

We showed the piece at JUSTMAD Contemporary Art Fair from February 27th to March 1st during the Contemporary Art Week in Madrid at the same time as ARCO, ArtMadrid or Urvanity. JUSTMAD is a referral in innovative projects focused on photography, video and art installations and has also presence through ArtFairs in international exhibitions such as the International Fair of Emerging Art in Miami (JUSTMAD MIA) or the International Contemporary Art Fair in Lisbon (JUSTLX). The fair this year got together more than 22.000 people with 54 galleries from all over the world showing and selling different art pieces.

Our four main goals were:

    - Presentation of GEOMAG CUBE ART as a new contemporary art platform to galleries and collectors.
    - Presentation of the Magicube to artists so they could discover new possibilities as a new material.
    - Parity between women and men artists.
    - Artist who used innovative techniques while keeping tradition.